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Liberation or Facilitation is not something you experience alone. You will be guided by two highly experienced professionals who have been training facilitators in state of the art leadership programs for many years. Beatrijs and Françoise got to know each other as colleagues at Aberkyn. They developed and led the 'signature' training program for new facilitators internally. And they did that externally for hundreds of facilitators at client companies. They share their passion for learning and are deeply complementary in their talent to educate. Both started their working lives in business; both are fascinated by human potential and the endless possibilities to liberate it. They  join forces now in programs  for a  wider target audience.

About us

Francoise & Beatrijs, two very experienced facilitators 

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The magic of Beatrijs and Françoise is in uncompromisingly raising awareness to create space for choice and opportunity. Both live their work by constantly entering into an honest, transparent and raw dialogue with what life offers, the beautiful and the difficult moments. From that experience  they invite people in their programs to connect to each other  courageously  and  from the perspective of endless learning. 

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