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Liberated Leader

Leading from your whole being

As a leader, do you recognise this?

  • Your team is doing well, but good is not enough.

  • Your vision is clear, your plan is clear, and yet .... it  is not happening.

  • You would like to see different behavior in your organization, but you can't get it changed.

  • You realise there is more potential in your people, but you can't get it out.

  • You want to grow in impact, inspiration and fulfillment as a leader. 


About Liberated Leader

In this program you make a 'quantum leap' in leadership. You become deeply aware of how your inner world affects your outer world.  From this heightened awareness you can  leverage your whole being in order to create the conditions for the highest potential to be unleashed. Of yourself and your people. You will learn to play the 'game' from the  inside out.   

The inner game is the outer game.

About the program
Librated Leader

Our approach

Experience shows that in times of change, leaders often steer on what is visible, focussing on that which can be captured in processes, structures and words.  Logical in itself, but in addition to this visible 'upper current', resistance to change almost always arises in the 'undercurrent'. This undercurrent is hard to grasp and contains the human dynamics caused by beliefs, fears and assumptions. As a leader you have to make visible what is going on in this undercurrent. Only then you can work with the resistance and liberate it for transformation to happen.  


Working with the undercurrent starts with yourself and your own invisible dynamics.  As a 'Liberated Leader' you can only really transform your team and organization when you  transform yourself. 

- You can only take your people as far as you have gone yourself -

 onderstroom english.png

Deliverables of the 
Liberated Leader program

The Liberated Leader programma provides the key to unlock the most powerful tool for leadership, which is yourself. Through a new  way of being, knowing and working your impact as a leader will increase. You will learn to do this by:

  • Using your full intelligence beyond the intellect

  • Congruence between your mindset, behaviour and goals so that you will role model the intended change rather then distorting it by sending out conflicting signals

  • simplification of  your inner complexity so you can better handle the complexity happening on the outside

  • Distinguishing and releasing noise in your unconscious undercurrent  such as  fears, patterns and assumptions that subconsciously influence   your behaviour and hence your tangible results

  • Responding from a creative choice instead of reactive reflex.  

  • Understanding human inner dynamics through scientific and experiential underpinnings

  • Using tools to bring out and address what lives in the undercurrent of your people and teams

  • Transformational Practices that you can implement directly in your team, giving the potential much more space.

Our approach
What's in it for you?
Practical Information

Practical information


Workshop 1 TBD

Workshop 2 TBD

Webinar 1 TBD

Location: Monastery Hotel Zin in Vught



The investment in the program is € 5.450,- including materials, excluding accommodation costs and VAT. Staying overnight on location is recommended.


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Liberated Leader

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