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Mastery in facilitating teams in transformation

Our programs take you to mastery in facilitating transformation.

Using  who you essentially are and what your unique contribution is as the main source for how you operate.

About us

You will be guided by two highly experienced facilitators who have been lead faculty in state of the art leadership programs for many years. They met at Aberkyn, a McKinsey leadership firm, and are now joining forces to create programs  for a  wider target audience.

Liberation of Facilitation

Liberation of Facilitation is an intensive, interactive facilitator development program that unlocks your full potential as a facilitator. By paying specific attention to 'being, knowing and doing' , you develop mastery in facilitating leaders and teams.  As a starting point, we work with the Liberated Leader program, a journey for leaders who want to make a 'quantum leap' in their leadership.

Liberated Leader

This program supports you to make a quantum leap in your leadership. You become conscious of how your inner world drives your actions in the outer world. Starting from that heightened awareness you are able to create the conditions to emerge your highest potential and that of the people around you. You learn to play the 'inside - out' game moving from reactive to creative.

The inner game determines the outer game.

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  Facilitating liberation from your whole being

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