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Liberation of Facilitation

Facilitating transformation from your whole being

Liberation of Facilitation is an intensive, interactive facilitator development program  that gives you access to your full potential as a facilitator. By practicing specifically with  'being, knowing and doing ', you develop mastery in guiding leaders and teams.

Liberation of Facilitation
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About the programme

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Liberation of Facilitation is designed to unlock your potential as a facilitator. You learn to choose your interventions with more precision, intrepid and effortlessly.  

You gain insight into your unique way of facilitating, what it is that makes you powerful and what stands in your way. You learn to connect with your essence and from there to uncompromisingly do what makes a real difference. And you learn to align very sharply with what is going on in the dynamics of your clients and to actively use that to help the client further. This allows you to achieve more with less effort. The program takes you a step further both as a facilitator and as a person.

Who is the program for?

A. You have made the step to working as a facilitator in recent years and want to accelerate and deepen your craft, piggybacking on the faculty's 20,000+ flying hours.


B. You are an experienced coach and you want to transfer the magic from '1 on 1' to '1 on more'.


C. You are experienced in guiding groups towards a strategy, purpose, more creativity or another goal. And you want to add the work of personal leadership and transformation to your repertoire.  


  • Your clients are generally senior leaders of (non-)profit organizations and executive teams.


  • Personal development is a way of life for you. Consciousness and connection with the greater whole have your natural interest.

  • You want to help clients free themselves from patterns and blind spots, so that they are inspired to increase their impact on transformation.

  • You want to facilitate from your whole being. Both virtual and 'in-person'. You want to expand your repertoire with practical skills such as design, storytelling, embodied practices, asking transformational questions and exercises and interventions that make a difference for your clients.

  • You know that this program requires the next step in your inner journey.  

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For whom?

What does Liberation or Facilitation get you?

  • More impact and  deeper shifts for your clients  

  • You learn to facilitate from your whole being in line with your 'purpose', energy and essence  

  • A wider awareness: of yourself, your impact and the bigger picture

  • Solid feedback from excellent facilitators, peers and clients

  • Increasing your self-transforming ability

  • Turn-key on/offline materials from the Liberated Leader program and the ability to facilitate this material for your clients.  

  • Facilitating learning in the moment beyond content and agenda.

  • Practical skills such as storytelling, asking transformational questions, conducting deep dialogue, handling constructive conflict, working from a systemic perspective, dealing with resistance, increasing command of the room, creating interaction and working with group dynamics

  • Connection with colleagues and soul mates, to learn and be inspired

  • Flying hours: lots of practice and experimentation

Our promise


What participants say about Liberation of Facilitation

"Liberation of Facilitation is - without a doubt - the best and most impactful program, in which I have had the opportunity to participate. Worth many times the investment."

Our approach
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Our approach
Our vision on facilitation

Facilitating is the art of 'making it easy'. With exactly the right intervention, at exactly the right time, what is really important becomes visible and open to discussion . That is the defining moment when everything changes and possibilities arise that you could not have imagined in advance. A masterful facilitator uses those transformational moments for acceleration, deepening and anchoring.


As a facilitator you create the conditions for liberation into the full potential that lies beyond (un)conscious, imaginary barriers. You yourself are your most important instrument. The quality of your inner state of being determines the quality of your interventions.

'Being', 'knowing' and 'doing' as  basis for your mastery in facilitation

Your impact as a facilitator is closely related to who you essentially are and what you deploy from who you are. In addition, it is important to know what you do and why; drawing on solid knowledge of design, business, science and wisdom. Finally, it comes down to what practical skills you have to be able to work with the group. Based on this tripartite division, you will learn the following in our program:  

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  • Using yourself as an instrument

  • Using your body as a guide

  • Working from essence and purpose

  • Harnessing the power of vulnerability

  • Working on awareness, mindfulness and meditation

  • Letting go of your ego

  • Working with the energy of the field

  • Building and keeping 'holding space'

  • Deploying intention

  • Using intuition

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  • Designing interventions

  • Connecting with business relevance

  • Working with the Laws of Behavioral Psychology

  • Creating the conditions for liberation

  • Understanding and playing with group dynamics

  • Using scientific knowledge about neuroscience/ psychological safety/ behavioural change

  • Applying old and new wisdom from spiritual sources

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  • Facilitating dialogue

  • Harnessing the power of stories

  • Facilitating in the moment, beyond  contents  and agenda

  • Handling conflict constructively

  • Asking Transformational Questions

  • Dealing with resistance

  • Controlling the room 'Command of the room'

  • Keeping balance between  individual  and group

  • Preparing the space you work in

  • Choosing and using materials

  • Understanding what is involved in online facilitation 

Practical information

Practical information

The program starts with experiencing the Liberated Leader program for yourself. We consecutively use this program in the workshops and webinars as practice material to learn and experiment how transformational programs work and what it takes to facilitate them from your whole being. Your own personal development is always on the agenda. The entire Liberation of Faciliation program is built on the movement of following, co-creating and then releasing form.

In addition to the workshops and webinars, you will also commit to exercises, reflections and deepening (individually and in groups) between the sessions. This takes 4 to 6 days in total.

You can combine the program with personal coaching. This deepens your development even further. We are happy to work with Alix Royer for this.

Discover the dates for upcoming edition of 2025 below.

Click here for the  for the edition starting in 2026.


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Onboarding 2025

MARCH 2025

We will start onboarding in March 2025. In a conversation we share the preparation with you, we investigate your development question and we get to know each other.


Preparation: reflection assignment, literature, 360° interviews.

Workshop 1

Workshop 1  WED 2, THU 3, FRI 4 APR 2025


Immersion, experiencing the Liberated Leader Program for your own personal transformation.

Workshop 2 and 3

Workshop 2 WED 14, THU 15, FRI 16 MAY 2025

Workshop 3  WED 25, THU 26, FRI 27 JUN 2025

Experimenting with facilitation in the field of 'being, doing and knowing'; exploring and understanding the architecture and energy of the program, practicing facilitation; feedback; deepening personal themes.

Workshop 4

Workshop 4 WED 10, THU 11, FRI 12 DEC 2025

Master proof. In a setting with your fellow participants and your invited clients you facilitate part of the program to experience and show what you have learned in recent months.


Webinar 1 To be determined

Webinar 2  To be determined

Webinar 3  To be determined

1.5-hour Online evening sessions with a substantive deepening of the scientific and didactic background of the program, for example neuroscience, systemic work, online facilitation.

Field work


Practicing and deepening between the workshops individually and in small groups.




Individual conversation to evaluate your own learning trajectory and to perpetuate the progress of learning.

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Liberation of Facilitation is a blended program in which we combine online, live and offline learning in 105 hours of plenary and at least 40 hours of self-study (individually and in groups).

The investment in the program is € 7.650 excluding VAT and accommodation costs. This includes all materials, including those from the Liberated Leader program, such as slide decks, workbook, core module scripts, and agenda. We will stay in Kloosterhotel Zin in Vught and spend the night there during the program. The accommodation costs are € 2.795 (estimated price) for the entire program duration.

Prices may fluctuate and will be finalized by the end of 2024.

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