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Dates 2026

Liberation of Facilitation programme

Liberation of Facilitation is an intensive, interactive facilitator development program  that gives you access to your full potential as a facilitator. By practicing specifically with  'being, knowing and doing ', you develop mastery in guiding leaders and teams.

Check out the upcoming edition and the dates for 2025 here.

The program starts with experiencing the Liberated Leader program for yourself. We consecutively use this program in the workshops and webinars as practice material to learn and experiment how transformational programs work and what it takes to facilitate them from your whole being. Your own personal development is always on the agenda. The entire Liberation of Faciliation program is built on the movement of following, co-creating and then releasing form.

In addition to the workshops and webinars, you will also commit to exercises, reflections and deepening (individually and in groups) between the sessions. This takes 4 to 6 days in total.

You can combine the program with personal coaching. This deepens your development even further. We are happy to work with Alix Royer for this.


Dates 2026
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March 2026

Onboardning: In a first conversation we share the preparation with you, we investigate your development question and we get to know each other.Subsequently you wil start your preparation. 


Preparation: reflection assignment, literature, 360° interviews.

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 To be determined


Immersion, experiencing the Liberated Leader Program for your own personal transformation.

Workshop 2 and 3

Workshop 2 To be determined

Workshop 3 To be determined

Experimenting with facilitation in the field of 'being, doing and knowing'; exploring and understanding the architecture and energy of the program, practicing facilitation; feedback; deepening personal themes.

Workshop 4

Workshop 4 To be determined

Master proof. In a setting with your fellow participants and your invited clients you facilitate part of the program to experience and show what you have learned in recent months.


Webinar 1 To be determined

Webinar 2  To be determined

Webinar 3  To be determined

1.5-hour Online evening sessions with a substantive deepening of the scientific and didactic background of the program, for example neuroscience, systemic work, online facilitation.

Field work


Practicing and deepening between the workshops individually and in small groups.




Individual conversation to evaluate your own learning trajectory and to perpetuate the progress of learning.

Liberation of Facilitation BEELDMERK.png

Liberation of Facilitation is a blended program in which we combine online, live and offline learning in 105 hours of plenary and at least 40 hours of self-study (individually and in groups).

The investment in the program is € 7.250 excluding VAT and accommodation costs. This includes all materials, including those from the Liberated Leader program, such as slide decks, workbook, core module scripts, and agenda. We will stay in Kloosterhotel ZIN in Vught and spend the night there during the program. The accommodation costs are € 2,500 (price estimate) for the entire program duration.

The program requires a minimum of 8 participants to proceed.

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